Bespoke English Skirting Board

Just finished a batch of Bespoke English Skirting Board for a customer who would like a nice traditional looking English skirting board. I think that it looks rather smart. I’ll be posting some pictures of the fitted boards soon.

Handmade Shutters

So here is a picture of some handmade shutters which I’m making out of Sipo. Sipo is an African hard wood which is from the same family as Mahogany but is very weather resistant and has anti fungal properties making it a great choice for exterior applications like shutters, windows, doors and even garden furniture such as Adirondack chairs. Here is a link to the my shutters page which contains photos of the complete fitted shutters.

Jim’s Review: Veneering Iron

So a while back I thought about getting an iron for veneering and was debating on whether to get an expensive one or a cheap one. I was out last week shopping when I came accross this iron for 14.99€.

It works a treat and even heats up within a minute. I tested it on some Ash drawer fronts which had a heavy curved surface with some titebond II and it gave a rather impressive result.

In my opinion I would recommend a cheap supermarket special over any expensive alternative.

Tapered Legs

Tapered legs done…now the top. Those tapers turned out well. I’m quite happy with how the bandsaw coped considering the stock was 100mm square.

After the client had a re-think I had to shorten the legs so the table will now be at sit down height rather than leaning height.